Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Standing Up *Update

Just an update on my standing situation.

I'm 3 weeks in and still standing, so far that's an accomplishment I guess.  Here are my notes to myself:

  • hard to want to stand on Monday morning (earlier summer hours don't help)
  • need better shoes (or anti-fatigue mat)
  • need to raise up keyboard more (done) now it's just above my belt, much more comfortable but a little less stable.
  • added a connection to use the TV as a computer screen.  It's nice but I haven't really wanted to use it for much.  
  • need to find a better place for my chair!
ok so nothing too dramatic.  I sit when I want to, and stand when I can.  I'd say I'm up about 60%  of the day now.  Do I see any weight loss/fitness increase? No, but i'd been sitting for 13 years, I'll update after a decade and let you know if I notice anything.

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