Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer update

Last post was March? geez I hope you haven't been waiting here the whole time...

Anyhoo I got busy, no time to blog, but here's whats happening in the world of Matt:

New Brewing! I've brewed a couple more beers, the latest 2 being all-grain batches (using only grain and not extract syrup) and so far so good.  One is a pale ale that turned out great, the other is a 'Blonde Ale' which I will have ready for our big cousins' BBQ early August.  That one I brewed for the Coors/Canadian/Budweiser crowd, it's a light flavoured lager-type beer.  It should be more what most people expect from a bottle, not the flavour bombs that I personally enjoy.  We'll see how it goes.  I got the recipe from a friend in my brewing club.

Oh right, I joined a brewing club (pause for laughter) and it's basically a bunch of guys who get together once a month and bring their beers for others to sample, we ask questions, see what each other does for techniques etc.  I'm always impressed at the number of awesome beers they bring.  REALLY excellent stuff, better than you can buy in most cases.  Plus they are all good guys (and girls).  My wife thinks it's nerdy, but hopefully she'll like the Blonde Ale, and ease off the teasing a bit.

Camping!  We took the family on a 10 day camping adventure in eastern Ontario.  The stops being 2 provincial parks (Ontario Parks are a treasure, more people should go) and Ottawa for Canada day.  If you've never been to the capital for July 1st, it's a must go.  AMAZING to see all the people, the party, the atmosphere, it's just incredible.   And it's cheap to boot, just the cost of food.  Insanely crowded, but well worth the hassles.  We brought our dog, and he was the star, i don't think we went 5 minutes without someone asking about him. But that's another post for another time....

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You could say there were a few people there....


  1. What?? No mention of the royalty you saw??

  2. Admittedly, the Royals were there, I saw em, but to be honest it was not really a big deal for me. I may have been more excited for the Kansas City Royals, no offence Kate.